CSSC Club Statement:

CSSC Soccer Families:


There are many changes being made relative to soccer in our community and this statement is being distributed in attempt to inform you as clearly as possible as to what those changes are and what it means for soccer in our community for now and the near future.  The Club also hopes to dispel any rumors that you may or may not have heard about soccer by supplying the information below.



Unfortunately, after much, much difficult deliberation, we are saddened to say that Cahaba Springs Soccer Club (CSSC) will not be offering soccer in the fall of 2014 – at any level or for any age group(s).  There are many reasons for this, but it ultimately boils down to field space, particularly for practices. 


Before detailing some of the history and a few reasons for not providing soccer this fall, please note that there are options for your child in our community to still play soccer.  Trussville has a good program for all ages and would welcome additional players there.  Many of the coaches you have known/recognized over the past few years at CSSC will probably be seen at Trussville.  Also, there has been some beginning discussion about a group of people who may start a new soccer club in the Center Point community, at least for the younger age groups .  Finally, CSSC does not know if the City of Clay will now jump in and offer a recreational soccer program in Clay – as they have for other sports.  If/as we hear of more details about any of the latter two possibilities, we will update the website with that information.  Even though it may/will not be for CSSC, we do desire to see your children still playing soccer and for this sport to continue to grow in our community.


For nearly 4 years, CSSC has existed to provide quality intramural, recreational and competitive soccer programs for players in our communities – with specific focus on Clay, Springville, Pinson and Center Point.  CSSC started when the former EAST (Pinson) Soccer Club, Springville Soccer Club and Clay Soccer Club (which served the Clay Community for some 5+ years prior) joined forces.  For the years the club operated within all those communities, it utilized fields in Clay (mostly at the new athletic complex), Springville (First Baptist Church field and last fall, some new fields built by City) and Center Point (courthouse field). 


However, in the fall of 2013 some things began to change.  First, Springville began to consider becoming its own club again – separate from CSSC.  That ultimately did take place in the spring of 2014, and therefore, the Springville fields are no longer available for CSSC use.  Second, the City of Clay stated that CSSC now had to lease City owned fields on an hourly basis (instead of on a per child basis as we had done previously) because the Club was a private entity and not part of the City’s sports programs.  This created two initial problems for the soccer Club.  It raised the costs of the club, but in the fall, it also reduced field space because we could only lease field space “if it was available.”  In the fall, the main Clay field is not (or is rarely) available because it is being used by football.  (We did eventually work out an agreement to be able to use the field one night/week last fall).  Third, in the fall of 2013, due to the changes with the City of Clay, CSSC was able to work out an agreement with Clay Elementary School to use the big field across from the school.  This was not ideal (some lighting issues, etc.), but we were able to make it work and we are grateful for the Clay Schools being willing to help us for the past few seasons.  However, this spring when the Club requested to use county-owned fields again in the fall, we were told that it had to go through a more formal process including a vote of the Jefferson County Board of Education.  And though we have followed up several times, we have been unable to get an answer as to whether field space would be available or not.  While this was taken into account when making these difficult decisions, this was not the deciding factor. 


There is the possibility of additional field space further into Center Point and/or into Pinson.  But for this Club to exist “well,” some field space in Clay is vital because Clay is/was the central location for the club – with about 60-65% of our players coming from Clay and the remainder coming from all points surrounding Clay (Springville, Pinson, Trussville, Center Point and even as far away as Pell City and Oneonta in some seasons).


We have made every possible attempt to make running a quality soccer club in our community a viable option.  However, due to a lack of available field space, it’s simply not something that can continue to run at the level that the members of the Clay community and surrounding areas deserve.  We hope that in the future circumstances will allow for a quality youth soccer program to flourish, but at this time, the conditions require that the club who has served Clay for a decade, cease operation.


If you have specific questions about this, you may contact Steven Ryals at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Doug Horst at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Thank you for your interest and support of soccer in the past.  It is because of families like all of you that made this decision a very difficult one for us.  We hope you will continue to show your interest in soccer in our community and perhaps a soccer club in Clay can rise from the ashes in the future and become a strong program again.





The CSSC Administration.